I offer one-on-one leadership and executive coaching in durations of 6, 9, and 12 months. I also offer a 4 week focused assessment, debrief, and future plan for those people who might not be ready for a

Lectical® Assessments target a specific set of skills and concepts, such as those involved in managerial decison-making, ethical reasoning, mindfulness, and self-understanding. The primary one that I use, the LDMA (Leadership Decision Making Assessment), focuses on executive skills like your decision-making process, contextual reasoning, and perspective taking and seeking. Continue reading...

In the executive coaching industry there are few coaches who measure what they do, and there are fewer coaches who are able to measure accurately. Lectical® Assessments are the first assessment that measures leadership decision making, ethical reasoning, mindfulness, and self-understanding in a statistically valid and reliable manner.

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longer commitment but would like a taste of the impact that my form of executive coaching can provide. Based on the Integral Coaching Method™ from Integral Coaching Canada®, my executive coaching work blends eastern philosophy with western business practices.

I offer one-on-one coaching for leaders and executives. I am specifically not a 'life coach'. However, I believe that if we work under the assumption that our life is not a part of our work, then we will be missing a huge part of who we are. Therefore while my coaching engagements typically focus on business topics, I invite you to bring all of yourself to our work together.

For clients who are familiar with Lectical Assessments such as the LDMA or LSUA, I am licensed to administer your assessments and debrief your results. For those of you who are not yet familiar with Lectica they are some of the most accurate and reliable assessments of leadership decision-making skills available today. People in leadership positions today are becoming increasingly aware of how these assessments are a powerful tool along their skill-building pathway.

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