Client Testimonials

Bina Shrimali

Health Equity Innovation Manager
Building Blocks for Health Equity at Alameda County Public Health Department

I highly recommend Sam as a coach. I had the opportunity to work with Sam over a... read on

...9 month period and it really helped my self-awareness and practice setting boundaries. He built trust with me so quickly that I could open up and learn things that I never knew about myself. Sam provided me with the right balance of challenge and support through the experience. The metaphors and lessons Sam shared are things I still think about and go back to so I can challenge myself and keep growing, both in my work and personal life. Working with Sam really changed my life. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity!

Michael Schwartz

Transportation Planner
San Francisco County Transportation Authority

Sam was my coach for two years, and we worked on a variety of life and career goals... read on

He brought his knowledge and creativity through his integral coaching method, which was something I had never experienced before, and Sam helped me break through a number of barriers that had been holding me back, both inside the workplace and out. His unique ability to work in metaphors brings a fresh perspective; his empathy, organizational understanding, and quick-thinking made all of our sessions very productive and worthwhile. Sam has also led a small group session for a transportation professionals mentoring group I am involved in, and he received rave reviews from the young professionals.

I give Sam my highest recommendation for any coaching or organizational work.

Katherine Schaff

Health Equity Coordinator
UC Berkeley Doctoral Candidate, Public Health

I had an opportunity to work with Sam as I was making some big decisions in my life... read on

...especially whether to apply for my doctorate. Sam used a variety of ways to help me look at this issue and how it also fit into the broader context of my life. These techniques ranged from some very practical steps to other activities and discussions that were much more creative. I also really appreciated the East/West approach that acknowledged that I lived in a country that is dominated by Western thought and culture, but also brought a much more holistic approach influenced by Eastern traditions into our discussions and activities.

By helping me approach my issue from multiple angles while also tailoring our discussions and my weekly "homework" to my specific circumstances and needs, I learned a lot about myself and how I make decisions and my anxiety level greatly decreased through my discussions with Sam. I still think of our discussions and am continuing to work on some of the things we identified in our sessions, so it was not only helpful during the time I was meeting with Sam, but is still helping me. I feel very fortunate that I had a chance to work with him and would definitely recommend his services.

Justin McSharry

Senior Sales Trainer

I received a coaching session from Sam that was instrumental during a recent career... read on

...transition. Sam's coaching style and method are superb and he opened up new perspectives I had not considered along with honest feedback on what would move me forward. He does it all very authentically and with a lot of heart. I would recommend Sam to any potential coaching client or training & development leadership position.

Jessica Luginbuhl

Special Projects Manager, Building Blocks for Health Equity (BB4HE)
Alameda County Public Health Department

Sam is a thoughtful, intuitive, and kind career coach. Sam is able to challenge you to... read on

...dig deep in a way that is both intuitive and gentle. After our very first coaching session I felt that Sam had an excellent grasp of my strengths and areas for growth. We worked together on a topic I wanted to work on for several months and after each session I was able to see a personal change and improvement. I really liked his style and integral methodology, one that appreciates the effective and unique ways you approach the world and simultaneously encourages growth and integration of new approaches, leaving unhelpful ones behind. I would strongly encourage Sam to anyone seeking a coach!